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I’m often asked the same question – “Where did you like living the most?” And every time I don’t have a definite answer. Every place has been special in its own way while also having its own drawbacks. Duh. On top of that, the number of years I’ve spent in one place kind of reflect how much I like the place, naturally. Still grateful for every place, you’re forever a part of me.

Here’s my ultimate ranking.

Rich kids districts
  1. London – the vibrant city gets the first place in my life. Maybe it’s due to the best university years there, closest friends or just endless attractions that London has to offer. Every day as I stepped on the streets of the city, I feel like a part of something bigger, like being in on set of a rom-com or another movie about a small girl in a big world. As I scrolled through my favourite London-based Instagram accounts, I always found something new to do on the weekend , be it either an event, new restaurant opening or a quirky art installation. Every cuisine is within your tube ride so you have no excuses not to try new things.

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life;  for there is in London all that life can afford – Samuel Johnson

Never disappoints with food

The city literally has everything a man would want as you get to live amongst the most culturally diverse people that seem to come from all over the world. This crazy interracial and multiethnic mix allowed me to make the best friends and learn so much from different backgrounds, no other place on Earth could compare. There is also so much glam in that place as much as there’re hipsters, vegetarians, bankers or entrepreneurs. Living in London inspires you even when crowds of Asian or Russian tourists step all over you on busy Oxford street.

2. Barcelona

Everyone’s favourite city. When you tell someone you’ve lived in Barcelona, people often react like “damn, must have been awesome”. And yes it was, the city is beautiful, like no other place on Earth. It has the most unique style of architecture, the way the city is set up, tons of little narrow streets and of course, sandy beach. The walk by the sea in Barcelona is always magical and has served me as the best way to recharge, meditate or just relax. We can all agree that nothing compares to the sea views and the crispy smell of salty water, right?

The city also got some of the nicest local shops and brands. You can find cool clothes, interesting home interior pieces and lots of adorable jewellery. The best part is that when you wander around Barcelona, you can always take a different route , discover new stores and new ice cream shops. It’s the best city to get lost in. I used to walk literally anywhere, even if it was for hours instead of 20 mins by bus & enjoyed it every time. Plenty of available snacks can always be an extra fuel, I personally loved that one acai bar (basic af I know) but it’s soo good.

Another advantage of Barca is its location. Firstly, airport is so well situated and there are frequent buses that take you from the centre of the city for cheap $. Apart from flying, so many road trip opportunities: go Nice, travel around Spain or just check out all the secret beaches. It’s honesty great and silly not to take advantage of.

*take me back*

3. Toronto

Everyone already knows I’m not a huge fan of this city. It lacks soul in my eyes and seems like a cluster of buildings in one place. Downtown is pretty nice and tries to copy NY a lot but everything is really spread out and often just looks dodgy tbh. I’m constantly told that the city transforms in summer and it becomes more vibrant but I’m yet to experience that (if it’s true at all). In winter, Toronto is mostly just dead and empty with everyone just feeling cold and complaining about the public transit.

It’s really quite pricey too and often it isn’t worth it at all. After 3 months, I have maybe 3 favourite places I’d actually want to come back to (and I don’t consider myself a particularly picky eater either). The most charming aspect about the city must be the graffiti that can be found on many walls and they’re usually done very well. People are also generally nice, compared to Barcelona at least. However, as you can see, I’m really struggling to say much more about this place. Still thanks for having me tho.

Yes Weeknd

As I mentioned at the beginning, this ranking reflects how much time I’ve spent in every place so my love for every city might change as I experience it more. Regardless of the city, people in these places also add colour to my memories in every country and it’s sometimes hard to detach those experiences from objective analysis of the place. But who needs to be objective here, city guides can give you a better info on that. 💎

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  1. what about Almaty the city of apples? Duh, forgot your origins rapidly… City where you first fell from skis, crashed a car and etc. Unforgettable memories that you should mention. Love your blog tho. Keep it up! 🤟🏽

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