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Samsung launches its first-ever Foldable Flat Screen TV – F19

On the 21st of February, Samsung will release its first-ever foldable flat screen TV – the “F19” – after last week’s showcase at the World Congress Media Conference in Barcelona.

TORONTO, ON., – January 26, 2019

Today Samsung has announced a US release date, the 21st of February, for its first-ever Foldable Flat Screen TV – F19. Samsung is the first company in its field to develop foldable flat screen TVs. The new foldable flat screen comes with a variety of new features including its own app, connection to streaming services and a touchscreen. The screen will have a resolution of 8K, the highest resolution currently available amongst flat screens, and will come in different foldable designs. As the CEO of Samsung, Kim Ki Nam has said: “‘F19’ is one of the proudest moments for us as a company as we strive to bring the highest quality of devices to our clients every day.”

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime will be accessible through the new “F19” to provide streaming services on its QLED screen. Moreover, the foldable flat screen will be connected to an app, “Samsung F19”, to control the TV’s viewing time, enable parent control and act as a remote. The app will function on an IOS, Apple Watch and Android. In addition, the touch screen on the “F19” will be of the same quality as Samsung’s smartphones ensuring ease of use and synergy amongst gadgets.

The “F19” is being released just a few weeks after Samsung presented its new foldable smartphone, the Samsung “10X”, at the World Congress Media Conference in Barcelona. As such, the “F19” will be the first release in Samsung’s wider foldable line, which will also include tablets. Moreover, foldable flat screens can be customized and designed in a variety of ways to fit every house’s interior.

The “F19” will be available in stores on the 21st of February 2019 in the US and on the 20th of April 2019 in Canada. They will be priced between the range of $10,000-$15,000. The “Samsung F19” is currently available for download on iTunes and Google Play Store.

About Samsung Electronics Canada Inc.

Samsung Electronics Canada is a world leader in the development of electronic devices with headquarters located in Mississauga, Ontario. The company aims to connect its customers through innovative technology design and a customized approach to problem-solving. Dedicated to helping children in need, Samsung contributes to an award-winning charity, “New Family”, that provides funds and support to orphanages all over Canada. For more information please visit

Follow Samsung Canada on social media at, Twitter @SamsungCanada and Instagram @SamsungCanada.

Media contact:

Kristina Gumennaya



Subject line: The Samsung Foldable Flat Screen TV launching this February

Hi Arjun,

I hope you’re well.

Your new podcast “Beyond the Valley” with Saheli Choudhury has been a great addition to online tech discussions. I really enjoy your style and love the idea of you covering tech stories outside the US – your take on emerging trends in AI was particularly insightful.

As you have also recently written on the new Samsung flat screens a week ago and as a big fan of technology, I thought you might be interested in my client, Samsung, and their new launch of the “F19” Foldable Flat Screen TV. In light of the recent news on more foldable phones appearing in 2019, Samsung is pioneering technology in flat screen TVs. Samsung will be the first company to launch a foldable TV this February with 70-inch 8K resolution and the QLED screen. Additionally, the “F19” screen can be folded in different ways, has got its own app and includes broadcasting services.

I really believe this story will resonate with your readers in the tech section as foldable technology becomes a huge trend in 2019. My client’s spokesperson is at your disposal for more details. As the product is launching soon, I’d really appreciate a definitive answer by the end of this week.

Thank you in advance.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Kristina Gumennaya

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