My Unpopular Opinion

As a real millennial I get inspired by memes nowadays (tragic, I know). And one of them had be on ‘unpopular opinion’ because I probably have too many. Not meant to be taken too seriously, for all the sensitive social media users out there. Let’s go?

1) Matcha tastes like grass

I know a lot of my friends will disagree and the spread of matcha lattes suggest that it is really an unpopular opinion BUT. Do people drink matcha beverages because they like the taste or because someone told us it got health benefits? Do you truly enjoy the flavor of this green powder or just need to post a picture on Instagram? With all the hype around matcha, I fell for the trap myself. For the longest time I tried to prove myself wrong as I ordered another matcha dessert and everytime I disappointed myself. It tasted like grass, every time.

2) Thai food is not that good

Why is it that everytime the question on favourite cuisine arises, 80% of people shout ‘Thai food’. It’s not that good. Nobody can name me any other dish apart from ‘pad thai’ too. I guess it sounds exotic and the West never added peanuts to their food before but come on.

3) Bali for gap year

Bali is a beautiful place with nice beaches and affordable food, I get it. It got palm trees and friendly locals who love foreigners. But how did Bali become the ultimate pilgrimage for every Western person post-university or high school? Every young person seems obliged to travel to Bali, try surfing, get drunk in a hostel and tattoo something about it after. Bali isn’t the only nice place on the planet and we could all do with some diversifying. I’m sure you can feel reborn somewhere else.

4) Pre-game is better than the game

Sorry, once you’re post 21 years age old, pre-drinking becomes the only game you need. Why do you want to go to some trashy bar, pay cover, pay double for a beer that tastes like nothing when you can stay in, drink decent wine and chat with your friends over favourite Spotify playlist. No random people, very loud music and rude bouncers.

5) Sad music is better than happy music

I know this headline sounds like a 5-year-old wrote it but you know what I mean. Groovy beats can only keep you entertained for so long, it’s all so meaningless and repetitive. Sad music got so much more power to it and emotion, it’s melodic and feels more thought-through. I guess I’m also usually depressed but yolo.

Rant is over, thank you all for coming.


Links to memes (hope it rhymed in your head too):

Photo by Allie Smith from Pexels

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