A Year that Ended in Yes.

Fall is a spooky season with lots of charm and beautiful colours of fallen leaves. For me, it’s also always a beginning of a new year (although it’s technically not but I guess got engraved due to school start date). And this year’s September hasn’t been any different as I started a new job and kept busy with so many upcoming events… until I realized that just a year ago my life was a whole lot different. A year ago I didn’t know him but was on my flight to see him for the second time in my life.

A lot of you may know this story, as some call a Hollywood worthy romance. Me and Omar didn’t meet until last year in July for one day and only met again later in October as I flew over from Kazakhstan to visit him for 2 weeks. Two weeks that will change the course of my life, like I could never imagine.

I know I don’t look happy but trust me, I was

We met at Montenegro airport for a few hours due to a delayed flight and assumed we’d never meet again after that. But one text after another, dm after dm, changes here and there, I found myself buying a ticket to Toronto. It didn’t seem like a huge deal although a bit scary and exciting. It couldn’t become more than a crazy story and a fun experience.

I always think destiny is up to us, what we do and what we decide, nothing is written in the stars. But after the airport love story, I don’t know anymore. After we met, all my plans went sideways and a country I never thought of even visiting became the only viable solution for the future. And he conveniently lived in Toronto, a city I’d choose to move to, unquestionably.

A year later, I waited for him at the Toronto airport, once again. But this time we weren’t scared of what lies ahead and we had more solid plans, together. It’s been a roller-coaster year that we know made us stronger and closer. It showed ups and downs, acting as a full disclosure agreement we both were willing to sign. From people who were unlikely to be friends, we became a family, a team, ying-yang.

He proposed as I dragged him to take a train back to the city and I couldn’t believe it was happening. I’m sure deep down we always imagine how our proposals will play out and the moment you see it’s unfolding, time stops. It’s hard to accept it being real. I cried uncontrollably, out of happiness and surprise and everything in between. Thank you for choosing me, I’ll say yes over and over again.

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