Happy Introverted

As a society we prefer extroverts, they are sociable, welcoming and open. In contrast, calling someone an introvert is almost an insult. But why?

I feel personally attacked as I consider myself an introvert. I get tired of big gatherings, need time for myself and often feel most productive when I’m left alone. By current standards, I don’t have that many friends and don’t talk the loudest at parties. 

I guess because I take it personally, I always ask myself the same question: since when being the centre of attention makes you a better person or what society deems a ‘cooler personality’. Unfortunately, a lot of extroverted people may have actually less to offer if you seek meaningful conversations as they strive on something easy to understand and digest. Of course, it’s not true for everyone but it makes sense. Most sociable and extroverted need to discuss easy to grasp conversation to appeal to as many people as possible. 

“Silence is only frightening to people who are compulsively verbalizing.” ~ William S. Boroughs

Plus not many people can boast about their ability to be at peace with their own thoughts. Being alone with our feelings and endless conversations in our head helps us learn more about ourselves. It’s like a social detox that we need in this chaotic world to check back with our goals, priorities and dreams. And introverted people are usually good at that. We might be scared of people but we face our demons no problem. 

For all the introverts out there, learn how to be comfortable with yourself and only seek people who are willing to take time for you. Everyone else isn’t worth your troubles. Don’t strive to become someone you are not and this Ted talk is always my favourite reminder of that. 



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